The 2008 “Watchmen” trailer is still my favorite superhero trailer. Between John’s apathetic stare and the Comedians last puff on his cigar, a great example of what pacing to music can do.

The 2008 “Watchmen” trailer is still my favorite superhero trailer. Between John’s apathetic stare and the Comedians last puff on his cigar, a great example of what pacing to music can do.

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  1. Agreed!! Definitely my favorite trailer and it always gets me in the mood to watch the full movie! Im a pumpkins fan anyway and this is a killer song but I honestly bought it because it makes me think of the trailer.

  2. This trailer introduced me to Smashing Pumpkins. Good times. Also crazy to think the tone of this movie was so shocking and amazing at the time when were inundated with dark superhero movies these days.

  3. Snyder, or whoever his editor is, is a master of trailers. I still remember how awesome Sucker Punch seemed from the trailer. Also, let’s not forget that Watchmen had one of the best super-hero movie intros as well.

  4. Trailer is great. The movie is great too. I remember going to see this and had very little knowledge of the watchmen. This stands today as my favorite movie of all time.

  5. WOW only 10 years ago but that was a nostalgia trip. I watched this trailer so many times. I was obsessed with it. Based on this trailer I went and read the book to be ready for the movie.

  6. I was just thinking the other day about this trailer. I’m not sure any trailer has sold me more on a film than this one did. I saw it before Dark Knight and man I was beyond pumped for after this.

  7. Tells me the feel, introduces a slew of compelling characters, there’s some weirdness thrown in to pique my interest, and none of the story is spoiled. A+

  8. I remember this trailer!!! Smashing Pumpkins was a great choice for this. Also, love trailers that are edited well around the music. Wish more musicians did movie scores like what Trent Reznor has been doing lately

  9. I will always remember seeing this trailer at the cinema for the first time. I got chills. I had never heard of Watchmen, but I think within 24 hours I was pouring through the pages of the graphic novel. Went to the midnight premiere of the film, and gladly bought the Extended Cut the day it was available. All of this because of this one trailer, and to this day I can’t watch it without the hairs on my arms and legs standing up.

  10. It was a Batman preview at the midnight release. I’m sitting next to my friend who introduced me to The Watchmen. When the owl ship surfaced, we both stood up in the theater and shouted “Yeeeesss!”

    Good times.

  11. Next to the Dark Knight and the Incredibles Watchemen is one of my favorite super hero movies. I always thought Alan Moore captured how being a super hero would effect the entirety of ones life. Plus the ending to Watchmen is one of my favorite movie finales!

  12. That is a great movie! I think they took a bit of a risk being so faithful to the source, as it can be hard to follow if you haven’t read the graphic novel. But the results are worth it!!

  13. I worked the counter at a comic shop during the time this movie came out. A lady brought her probably 8 or 9 year old son into the store. As they were paying for their purchase, she excitedly told me that she was gonna bring her son to ‘see that new superhero movie The Watchmen!’

    I had to politely explain that it was absolutely not age appropriate. I felt bad, but better than her having to deal with an awkward experience at the theatre I guess.

    One of my favorite stories and comic-based movies, though.

  14. Just rewatched this yesterday after having not seen it probably since 2011. I forgot how much I love this flick. Easily the most human look into superhero’s.
    The cinematography, the characters, everything is above and beyond.

  15. Man, Snyder’s a great director when he has really well defined source material. 300 was amazing, Watchmen was really good (and visually just so well managed)…it’s just the stuff where Snyder has more freedom. That gets him into trouble.

  16. The first 10-15 minutes of Watchmen was up there with the best beginnings to any film.

    The rest though got worse and worse and I ended up leaving the cinema hating it. I hated everything about Dr. Manhattan.

  17. Despite the sheer number of superhero movies out there now, this still remains one of my favourites. Every viewing feels like a journey. I love how much it explores what it is to even be a superhero, the morals, and consequences. Never expected that when first going in.


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