The EXTREME Eggtheist – Atheist Cooking

Tired of the same old Christian cooking show? Time for EXTREME Eggtheist. How to cook the PERFECT egg.

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  1. Wow what a DORK! You left 4 comments and they all say "bath salts". Maybe you need to take a bath. Also I show my face throughout this video so it looks like you're all wet.

  2. Dan hit your head one to many times…or your on bath salts!!!…you are in a losing battle on this planet and off this planet!!! God is 100% real..and the bible is your instruction book…and yes!!! This video is by far absolutely fucking hideous! !!..but here's what even crazier. …your to ashamed to show us your face…not only are you a atheist. .your a coward as well..its your choice..and when the end of times come, and jesus comes will have no excuses.

  3. Ok whatever that still doesn't answer my question of why you would make this retarded video. If you are saying that the bible is retarded then why would you want to create something just as retarded? You contradict yourself and before you start saying that I am some religious freak I actually don't give a flying fuck about religion.


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