The only way Spider-Man 3 pitch could have gone

The only way Spider-Man 3 pitch could have gone

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  1. For those of you who don’t know Spider-Man 3 was a very different movie before Sony’s meddling here are some of it’s original plot:

    * According to The Spider-Man Chronicles (a making-of book about Spider-Man 3), the original plot for the film was going to revolve around The Vulture (who, based on the comments in the book, was to have been played by Ben Kingsley) and Sandman. There was no Venom nor Gwen Stacy in early drafts either (Executive Meddling meant both characters were shoehorned into the film taking the place of Vulture and a random woman against Sam Raimi’s wishes).
    * Also, Gwen was originally the Damsel in Distress at the end of the film and Mary Jane would be the one to convince Harry to help Peter against Sandman and Venom. But it was switched to Mary Jane (AGAIN!) to better justify Harry’s assistance. Kirsten Dunst was not pleased.
    * The union between Venom and Sandman also made a lot more sense in production, with Venom just offering the cash Sandman needs to save his daughter in exchange for helping him kill Spidey, but during the battle, Sandman’s daughter would come and tell her father that she could not be cured and was going to die, and wanted to die with her daddy being a good man, not a criminal. All of this is arguably much more satisfying than what made it in to the actual film.
    * Venom and Sandman’s initial meeting would have seen the former coming across the latter pretending to be sand in a playground for his little girl to play on. Talking to Flint, Eddie would have convinced him that his girl may be cured yet.
    * It is also rumored that John Jameson was originally to make a reappearance, unknowingly bringing the symbiote back from his astronaut mission.
    Costumes tests were done with a smoother, more comic-accurate version of the black suit, complete with the white spider emblem on the chest. Allegedly, this version of the costume was not used because the studio was worried that it looked too much like an S&M outfit.
    * Originally, the butler was to be another illusion of Harry’s, representing his good side. Even though this would have cleared up a massive plot hole (the butler explaining to Harry that his father’s wounds were not an accident after such a long time), it was cut because the story was already saturated with plots.
    * Also, there were many scenes that were shot but never released on DVD including a montage of Peter (in his black suit) taking down criminals and leaving them strung up, tons of character-building moments, a confrontation scene between Captain Stacy and Eddie Brock (where Gwen dumps him at her father’s house) and Peter freaking out after he looks in a mirror and sees a nightmarish version of the Venom symbiote screaming at him. Most of these scenes were finally restored in the “editor’s cut” that was released on home video in 2017.
    * Due to how cluttered the story was getting, it was considered at one point to split the movie into two films. This did not happen because the producers couldn’t think of a good climax for the first part.



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