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This gadget is called the HipShotDot. It’s a physical LED mounted to a suction cup meant to stick to the center of your display while gaming. The idea here is to improve shooting accuracy in various games without the need to zoom.

Here is some more infor from the manufacturer –

The HipShotDot is the gaming industries first powered red dot sight attachment for your television. It is compatible across all gaming consoles. Works with popular 1st and 3rd person titles such as Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare, Battlefield, Gears of War, Titanfall, Destiny, Halo and 100s more.

The HipShotDot replaces or enhances your in game sights. In a game like Call of Duty, the HipShotDot enables you to change out your in game red dot sight with an additional attachment, ultimately giving you the advantage over the competition.

The HipShotDot is compatible with virtually any game system including popular consoles such as Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, PS3, PS4, Wii and WiiU. Works with 100s of 1st and 3rd person shooter games including popular titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Metal of Honor, Titanfall, Halo, Gears of War, The Division, Destiny and many more.

The HipShotDot is powered from a standard USB port. Simply connect the HipShotDot to any available USB port on your game console. You may also power the HipShotDot with a standard USB power supply, i.e. phone charger or available USB port on your television. The power indicator on the HipShotDot’s USB connector and red dot sight will illuminate.

During gameplay, simply zoom in and attach the HipShotDot to the television to align with the cross hairs/sights of your weapon. Slide the secondary suction cup down the cord to the edge of the television and attach to hold the wire straight and taught. There is a quick release designed into both suction cups for easy removal. To remove the HipShotDot after gameplay, simply pull the HipShotDot wire below the secondary suction cup in an upward motion.

The HipShotDot is not an aim bot, it will not aim for you. It simply gives you a full time red dot sight attachment in games where you typically do not. Experience increased hip fire, quick-scope and no-scoping accuracy. Leverage the advantage of an additional attachment over the competition.

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Comment (37)

  1. They could make a software that automaticly places a red circle in center of the monitor, atleast for pc players!

  2. This is basically useless because its only useful for one shot then you have things like recoil which make it so your bullets land AROUND the dot not on it. Seems a bit stupid and $15 is overpriced since you can just use tape and a bit of pen lmao

  3. Dude everything vlaims to make you better why not just put in the time and learn the game earn the pvp kills stop pussying out and buying gadgets to cheat if you mod or cheat your cool dude

  4. Or there's Blu-tack. A small piece of tape. PC programs for screen overlays with thousands of different crosshairs. Then there's actually choosing a red dot in your game… All of these are more convenient, cheaper and less obstructive to your view than this monstrosity.

  5. you can use a small piece of tape or you can put 2 suction cups and a wire across your screen for the most useless effect whatsoever… dont bother just, as they say… "git gud"

  6. Dude a small black dot with a Sharpie works way better. Been doing it for years. I call it my black dot sight.

  7. I just use a marker lmao. Everyone has one laying around the house, you can wipe it off after you are done, and you don't have a stupid suction cup and wire on your screen.

  8. The only problem with this gadget is that in most games the hip-fire isnt totally accurate bc you need to find the 0 spot the get an perfect straight shot, every gun has an different recoil and without zooming you will hit only 30-80% depends on the weapon

  9. you can download software on pc that places any picture(xhair for examble) on your screen any spot you want

  10. I think a better use of the led dot in the toilet so you can't miss and hit the water. No more shit on your ass! Now that will sell


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