This Korean kid’s insane beatbox routine

This Korean kid’s insane beatbox routine

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  1. That first rush line with the arpeggios before breaking it down to the drop is immense. So immense almost that he cannot do the sound justice with the talents at his disposal. Best bit of his performance by far.

  2. For the first 30 seconds, I was like “okay pretty good”, and then at 0:38 seconds my jaw dropped – that flanger sound that he produces within the melody is amazing.

  3. I think I should go see the Championship going on tomorrow evening here.

    It is on Twitch, but for US people it will start 6AM EST Sunday morning. Was watching the prelims this afternoon, and it was interesting.

  4. Really loved the musicality and how his tone was consistently on point. As a drummer though, I always pick up on how the majority of beatboxes are sloppy with timing. Can anyone comment on whether or not it’s routine for beatboxers to practice with metronomes?

  5. To counter all the Dave Crowe and other played out recommendations ITT, here’s some recent stuff that shows more of the true level beatbox is at:

    [Gene Shinozaki in Union Square. Wait for the bluesy bit at the end](

    [D-Low UK Prodigy](

    [Dharni and Reeps One, making music, good production value](

    [Russia’s Mad Twinz, advancing what’s possible with 2 beatboxers performing together](

    [Berywam, French Beatbox Power x4, musicality out the yahzoo](

    [MTS great example of newschool style, somewhat viral video, you may have seen](

    [Fredy Beats. Highly original and inventive, a consummate showman who you may find busking on London streets](

    [Inertia, inward bass God](

    [Newcomer Shah, original and musical](

    [Markooz. Bass is music. Instant classic](

    [Show-Go, another young phenom from Japan. Listen for his double-voice](

    Thanks for taking the time to catch-up. Esh.


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