Three teenagers found a way to turn styrofoam into carbon water filters for a school science project.

Three teenagers found a way to turn styrofoam into carbon water filters for a school science project.

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  1. burning styrofoam releases tremendous amounts of green houses gases. In terms of green houses gases it is worse than burning coal because a lots of energy went into making the styrofoam in the first place. Styrofoam is basically solidified hydro carbons and burns extremely well. Many trash facilities will burn it to generate more energy than burning paper or wood trash. It would be more cost efficient to use the styrofoam to generate electricity to run a plant that processed trees into activated carbon.

    There is a reason styrofoam is being used less and less. Any way you get rid of it just pollutes more. The only effective way to recycle it is to just keep reusing it as it can always to reformed into packing peanuts many times

  2. Yet we are funding scientists to record bees to determine why they stop buzzing during a solar eclipse. Give these kids a bajillion dollars and throw these other moron scientists in the scrap bin. I love seeing practical science, it’s usually the young ones who get it.

  3. So how much styrofoam is needed to actually make a filter? If people are producing less and less sytrofoam won’t these kids eventually need to produce styrofoam to make their filters? which is what they are trying to avoid doing?

  4. I’ve read so many things like this about cheap ways to get water purified for them but the problem still persists? Are the inventions suppressed or something? Dunno why it isn’t fixed yet.

  5. This is a cool chemistry experiment and awesome how they explain in detail the process, but a terrible way to “recycle” Styrofoam… look at all that energy used converting and all those gasses released. Shame on their parents for embarrassing them like this in public. I would have been way more impressed if this was not presented in a way that makes it seem like this is a solution to a problem. The sad truth is that if it made dollar sense to recycle Styrofoam they would just chuck it into plasma arc waste recycling plants.

  6. Meanwhile in middle school my teacher seperated us in tables divided by intellegence. Students with low test scores/ who are dumb sat in the back row tables. The last table of the last row where the academically stunted kids. Guess where I sat.

  7. Oh man… this is funny. This boils down to the following:


    – Step 1) Don’t like styrofoam filling up the landfills? Burn that shit!

    – Step 2) Use the ashes to filter water

    – Step 3) Don’t worry about the industrial air pollution from burning thousands of tons of styrofoam


    It’s A-OK guys — when you burn something, it turns into magic nothingness with no consequences.

  8. **A few problems .. Google backed this??**

    .. styrofoam is sometimes produced with toxic metal catalysts (Arsenic etc)

    .. the blowing gas in the styrofoam can also be toxic

    .. petroleum products like styrofoam are carcinogens especially when they are heated

    .. packing foam was never meant to be food grade .. not exactly what I want to filter water with .. of course if you are dying of thirst maybe you would gamble on it


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