Top 6 EDC Gadgets You MUST HAVE!

Six amazing Everyday Carry (EDC) gadgets.


Porter Key:
EDC Ink:


1. ZEROHOUR APEX: Titanium Tactical Pen with Tungsten Tip (EDC). Everyday carry pen meets premium writing instrument. Glass breaker + self-defense tip. Titanium or aluminum. Fisher Space ink refills.
2. WildCard: The hyper-light wallet knife. Inspired by outdoor performance, designed for every day carry. WildCard is the hyper-light knife multitool that fits in your wallet. Made in USA .
3. Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener EDC Multi-Tool.
4. EDC Ink : “Every Day Carry” Keychain Pen – Go-With-You Art. EDC Ink is a beautifully designed series of ultra-portable writing tools, designed to always be with you.
5. bolstr : The Ultimate EDC Bag. Minimal and Perfectly Sized. Need a few extra pockets? Bolstr is the perfect crossbody bag for guys and their smart phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses, and just a few more items. One of a kind and well reviewed by backers and customers.
6. TPT : Titanium Pocket Tool. A Compact Grade 5 Ti-Alloy EDC Multi Tool w/o bulk. Universal Wrench, Fork, Hex Slot, Bottle Opener & More. + FREE Worldwide Shipping!

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Comment (37)

  1. I have this oddly shaped metal thing I found on the floor of the garage… lets come up with a lot of completely useless ways of using it, call it a flashy name, say it's made from space debris, put out a video and I bet there are suckers out there that will buy it!

  2. LOL !! These must be the Top 6 most useless and crappy products ever ! These "inventors" should do something usefull like rent them selfs out as speedbumps or something instead of wasting time on this total crap

  3. I dont need EDC or BOB or any of that Bullshit advertised that Ive managed and survived thus far in life without. Maybe kids feel important nowadays feel the need to have it. Not me.


    I believe that the only people who need titanium screwdrivers are surgeons not frappucino drining hipsters who paid for an overpriced kickstarter ripoff

  5. The second guy in the video is a complete douche… Just listen to him talk: " ..MY latest creation.. I wanted… I asked… MY wallet… I set out to design… I was able to do this by reimagening (is this even a real word?)… I call it FLYOFF TECHNOLOGYI designed… ME… Me… Me.. MEMEMEMEME IIII EMMEMEMME"
    What a douche…

  6. Really!! The wallet knife‽
    This is nothing new,
    And nothing anyone wants.
    P.S. Modifying, reconfiguring and/or redesigning, is NOT creating or inventing!!

  7. "Ultra portable writing instruments"
    "SUPER compact"
    WOW, you sold me!!
    I mean, I just hate those "Moderate unexportable drawing tools" that are "Poorly uncondensed"

  8. I just don't get it, mini pocket -tools and gadget pens are nothing new and undesired Do these people do any marketing research‽
    And while a man-purse is marketable, the one in this video is nothing special. The sales pitch was, it had pockets, a D-ring and a belt strap. And people wonder why Natural born Americans aren't leading the way anymore.

  9. These are all gimick pieces of shit! Make a REAL multi-tool. All these are geared toward pretty-boy office douchebags who want to use the word "tactical" every chance they get. These are useless items. All this survival, edc and "tactical" nonsense has gotten so overblown that its been pussified.

  10. Idea of pocket knife is, it being handy. In my wallet isn't handy. I also happened upon a pocket monkey someone had tossed. Can see why! It's junk.


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