UK’s MEP speech on memes

UK’s MEP speech on memes

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  1. I wish people would stop going on about bloody memes, it just devalues arguments and makes them easy to ridicule. This is a move to censor and control the internet and that’s what it should be addressed as.

  2. I feel like what he’s saying isn’t really appropriate to that audience. Meme analogies and references aren’t going to convey his point to an audience of people that barely know what a meme is.

  3. My company made us take a tutorial on the other measures about data protection. That part we really could use in the U.S. Simply put, if Verizon has my data and I leave Verizon, that data disappears. If Verizon has my data they have to get my explicit permission to share it with anyone else.


    Sure there may be externalities like losing memes but I’d fucking pay that price to not have random solicitation calls on my phone all damn day.


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