VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS – Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison

What are Vegans and what do they really eat? How does a vegan diet compare to a meat eating diet?  Which diet is truly healthier? Join us as we explore the differences between vegans and meat eaters and try to find out who will live longest in this episode: Vegans vs Meat Eaters!


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  1. lol all these “facts” are either reallyyyy old or completely false ?? can’t believe some people think this shit is true. i just wanna point out a few things that this person got COMPLETELY WRONG ?
    1. he says about the protein you get from an omnivorous diet, but actually, recent studies have shown that vegans actually have a higher rate of protein than meat consumers. so really, i should be asking him where he gets HIS protein from.
    2. OMFGGGGGG the b12 myth back at it again i hear this way too often!!! i have LOADS of b12 in my vegan diet, i’m probably more likely to get a b12 overdose than i am to get a b12 deficiency!! also, even if you’re a meat eater, unless you eat animal liver (which practically nobody does), you are not getting a natural source of b12. the vitamin is injected into the animal fat.
    3. no, veganism is not unnatural. we do not have any predatory traits naturally such as speed, short intestines, bigggg teeth and jaws, claws and many more. also, if you wanna say that we do technically have incisor teeth, maybe you should do some research into the hippopotamus. it has the largest canines of any land animal, yet is a herbivore, as well as our closest ancestor, the ape.
    4. according to modern statistics, the average vegan is likely to live 7-9 years longer than the average dead corpse eater.

  2. Just make sure you vegans have that emergency bag of Cheetos under the bed. And always remember to wear your blonde wig and sunglasses when to stop to buy that gas station hot dog. You don’t want get caught cheating.

  3. When I passed MEPS, I went to get a 40 ounce steak!! It was so rare I could hear the cow screaming!! I could never survive a vegan lifestyle. I’d rather die a meat eater, than live uncomfortably as a vegan. Eat Meat And Die Young!!!!!!!!

  4. yes of course….lets promote the fucking vegan diet because we want to sell stuff to stupid people who dont have a brain and follows everything we show them…yeah we can make billions!

  5. Humans are originally hunter-gatherers. So, just eat what Bear eats. Meat, lot of fish, eggs, berries, nuts, mushrooms, honey.
    I think its similar to what we suppose to eat. Veganism is extremely stupid.

  6. Hey mister vegan if you are trying to lose weight and are not happy with your vegan results then you should try the opposite of vegan: the Meatatarian but very important you CANNOT eat any Sugar or Carbs because if you do the meat diet wont work that means no desserts no cereals no bread no potato no pasta no corn no fruits and no greens because the way our body digest meat is completely diferent then when digesting plants but you can eat as much fat as you want however you still need things like vitamin C so you will need to eat brains liver and eyes but also blood sausage heart and a lot of other stuff that may look weird at first but if you follow it correctly you will lose weight like crazy while building up muscles at the same time and meat is great for fighting anxciete (stress) thats something veganism is bad at doing so become a Meatatarian you know you want to


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