Very well researched video convinced me to go back to the gym

Very well researched video convinced me to go back to the gym

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  1. After I watched this, I literally put down my headphones, walked my fat ass to the gym and signed up. Proof:

    Edit: Thanks for the gold! Wow, Reddit can be pretty awesome sometimes huh. I’m feeling all r/wholesomememes on the inside. First thing in the morning I’m hitting the gym!

  2. TL;DW: workout or walk for 20 mins in the morning to stop your brain cannibalising itself with stress hormones. stress also makes you fat.

    also lack of sleep makes you hungry af and makes it easier to get fat.

  3. I think a lot of the problem is the “commercialized” (for lack of a better term) aspect of exersie now. GET YOUR WHEY PROTEIN AND PRE WORKOUT. 2 HOURS BEASTIN AT THE GYM BENCHING 350!

    Just do something. Anything. Walk, run, ride your bike. Play some sports. Go the gym and use the machines and cables.

    If you’re into weightlifting and power lifting, by all means have at it. You do do (I am a little bit). But if the average person would just do a little bit, they will be much better off.

  4. I’m going back to GYM after six months, stopping was one of the worst decisions that I made everything got worse, depression came back, Anxiety gotten worse and my grades dropped.

  5. I just want to add this to video by telling a little ancedote of my own.

    Back about 20 months ago I started college and just struggled with everything, classes, friends, girls… I quickly became depressed, angry at myself for not being about to do better in school, in addition to lack of friends due to poor social and communication skills.

    This went on for months, until my 19th birthday. My parents sent me a cake, it was a fucking great cake, but I remember having this large ass cake, and absolutely no one to share it with. I ended up throwing out the cake after having 1 piece, with about 90% of it leftover. That night I was so depressed that I decided to say fuck it and go outside to the freezing temperatures of the winter (as my birthday resident in that period) and run. Put my earphones in, went outside, and ran/walked about 2 miles at 11pm on my birthday.

    When I got back inside I was content, I was proud of what I was able to do. The next night I did the same, I wasn’t quick or fit but you know what I went outside and did something. The running continued for about 2 months until I finally worked up the courage to go to the gym, where I started swimming again, as I used to in high school. A month went by and I started lifting weights and continually running.

    Looking back I can see that exercise helped cure my depression but it didn’t only do that, at the gym I met new friends, back at my dorm I grew confidence to go to the end of the hall seeing people playing super smash brothers and ask if I could join. I asked a girl out.

    So go forward to present now and I exercise everyday and look forward to that hour and a half I get daily to do what I love with people who love it as well.

    I hope this helps someone who may be or have been in a similar situation, have a great night everyone.

  6. My favorite “fringe benefit” of exercise as someone with a lot of allergies is that no matter how stuffed up my nose gets, 50 jumping jacks later I can breathe again. I can’t believe nobody ever told me sooner.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I like this video. But I can’t help but think that whenever he tries linking personal exercise to evolutionary pressures for brain development that he treads too deeply into a sort of Lamarkian territory.

    That’s not to say there isn’t research that shows that personal exercise is good for you. Just that linking it to evolutionary examples is probably the wrong way to go about it.

  8. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is the difference between different types of exercise. Most of this video just uses “exercise”, except for the one fact about aerobic exercises. But not all exercise is equal in the physical results on your body / muscles- but would the physiological / hormonal / mental results be the same?

  9. For anyone looking to now start their journey into the wonderful world of fitness, there’s a sub /r/fitness that has a rather [fantastic wiki](

    Personally I recommend greyskull to start, for somewhere around 3-6 months, sprinkle in cardio, unless you follow my mantra of death before cardio. Then switch to something more advanced if you want to progress and work some aesthetics. I like 531, /u/n-suns made the base of the one I follow. He has his own sub too.

    Honestly, going to the gym was the best decision of my life. All those magical super powers /r/nofap dreams up aren’t gained, they are fucking earned through hard work and dedication.

    The gmy completes me in a way I didn’t dream of before.

  10. May be it doesn’t work for everyone?

    I have been struggling with motivation to do *anything* for as long as I can remember. My reward system rarely give me anything to feel good about I think. This has gotten a lot severe in last few months. So a month and half ago I decided to fuck it and started going to gym. I am going to gym since then 6 days a week; it sure make me feel good when I come back home, but other than that, I am still the same. I waste entire day just sitting/watching TV and doing a whole lot of nothing. I still don’t feel like doing anything, and sleep everyday feeling like a sick fuck.

  11. Shit I just realised that my fat is called visceral fat, and that it has links to higher rates of heart disease. Which sucks because my grandfather died of heart disease at 60, so I’m off to workout now.

  12. thank you for this man, it’s been two months since i signed up for the gym after not going for two years, and i pretty much lost the discipline i had built up overtime. this might be the boost i need to get back on track

  13. So there are going to be hundreds of new neckbeards that are becoming gym rants, and most of them will hardly see any physical gain (they might gain a lot from it like the video suggests)

    So what can they do to learn more about diet, what are the essential reads and watch for learning when and how much to eat, what to avoid, how to calorie count and so on.

  14. If you are interested in more motivation for exercise, specially natural movement instead of going to the gym I recommend: Natural born heroes by Christopher McDougall.

    I just started this week and I try to run on as little as I can on flat land as possible. Outside my home I run on the [rocks](, a short burst on that is a great exercise. When there is something at stake you pay extra attention, it’s a great concentration exercise so I would think it would work really good for your brain.

  15. Yo, I am a firm believer that exercise makes everything greater. How often do you see a depressed person that exercises regularly? They are usually the most motivated people out there.

    I joined the Air Force and did the typical 2 times a yr PT test. I remember I was drilling water drain holes under a fuel tank dolly and my arms hurt from holding the drill. I felt like such a pussy. So I decided I wanted to get bigger. I went to the gym, lifted and ran every single day. Took maybe 1-2 days off to recover. I made Staff Sergeant my first time testing, and I firmly believe it’s because of exercise. I went from 155-220 in 2 years (in a good way).

    Exercise is the best free legal drug you can get.

  16. What a lovely channel, thanks for sharing! Just spent an hour watching some videos. And comments on the videos are mostly respectful and well-thought-out on the YouTube of all places.

  17. One thing to note is exercise doesn’t need to be a chore. If you can’t motivate yourself to just RUN, pick another high intensity sport like tennis, soccer, etc to keep you active! It definitely keeps things more interesting and can help keep you motivated to stay consistent.

  18. Hmm. How much is exercise, when done right, intertwined with meditation like practice?

    Meditation occurs any time you have a quiet focus on something you’re not trying to control.

  19. I just watched this whole video and am left with questions. I bike 18 miles to work everyday (30 mins a trip at a pretty brisk pace because Strava is an addiction) and hit the weights for an hour when I get off work. I do this 5 days a week. I don’t do fast food, sugar, bread, pasta, alcohol or caffeine during the weekdays and keep my carbs pretty in check. Every other weekend I usually put in a 50-70 mile ride. This has been my routine for the last 5 years plus the occasional 5-10k runs. However, at work I can’t focus well, little things stress me out, and I really feel like my anxiety is worse now than it was in highschool. I’m pretty self-aware and realize that it’s my shit dead-end job that is the source of my current issues, but according to this video, I should be this super motivated uber-human when I’m not. Clearly theres other factors that can counteract many of the benefits of exercise and I wish he would’ve spoken on those.

  20. Yea I have adhd. 2 years ago, before being diagnoses, I started jogging and after 2 weeks I felt like a totally different person. I stopped and it all went to hell. Now I take Ritalin and stay as active as possible.

  21. I really like his videos, especially the ones on fasting and nutrition. And that’s why i’m a but surprised he did not touch the fasting-exercise link in this video at all.

    Basically, the reason why exercise seems to be so over-the-top beneficial when researched is because the way we have been taught to eat. You can gain many of the benefits from exercise simply by starting to eat once a day. The time you are fasting is a stress for the body, like exercise, and therefore the benefits are similar.

    Seriously, you don’t need to do anything else than start eating once a day, and your muscle mass will increase while your fat decreases. You can eat the perfectly same food in same amount.

  22. My personal advise to beginners is to take it very slow. I lifted light weights and limited my time on the treadmill and the intensity of my workouts. Even though you are watching these informative videos, you are not going to absorb all of it at once. Your form will take a while to improve as well as your understanding of your own body and limitations. It is very easy to hurt yourself at them gym so just take it slow.

  23. I don’t really agree with the first part – that exercise doesn’t help you lose weight. It burns calories, of course it helps you lose weight. The issue is if you eat 2000 calories over maintenance, you’re still going to be at a surplus even after burning 500 calories exercising, and this is a very common scenario. I feel like that distinction wasn’t made clear.

  24. > Adderall users can get so focused on mundane tasks and blast through their to-do lists because _everything becomes interesting_.

    I have never thought of it this way but it just blew my mind. No wonder I’m so intrigued by everything from soap-making to furniture reupholstery to cosmetic chemistry when I’m on my medication (which is very similar to Adderall).

  25. Exercise is great, but training is better. Exercise is just doing what you can do over and over again. It’s what allows you to maintain an ability. Training is what you do to *improve* yourself.

    Far too many people go to the gym to exercise. But exercise is boring. You don’t see any changes. You just stay the way you are. How about training to run a marathon? Or cycle 100 miles? Or lift heavy weights?

    Many people, like me, need a purpose for doing anything, and exercise has no purpose.

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  27. IMO the middle argument is kind of weak (brains are needed for adaptable movements). I understand the guy is a neuroscience but I think he’s just oversimplifying it to a really attention-grabbing TED pitch, the science equivalent of clickbait

  28. You will also be more resistant to common colds. Fitness boost your immune system. So exercice. Sleep well and drink water instead of sugary drinks.

  29. All of this info is very interesting but it imo makes it sound like exercise is the be all end all of things like depression and stress and just generally being unhealthy. Sure, if you aren’t currently working out and exercising frequently, obviously you can only benefit from doing so, but I sure as hell wouldn’t get into the mind set that exercise is going to change your life all together and free you of disorders and mental health issues and that you should stop what you’re doing currently and just exercise (or maybe you should and that’s my whole problem haha) I exercise frequently at least 3 times a week but I try to go more and my job is fairly taxing physically as well so I’m sure I could check off many of the benefits exercise provides in this Video. I would still consider myself to have high anxiety and possibly minor depression along with some other disorders. Sometimes exercise becomes a burden more so than a blessing as I find going to the gym sometimes becomes a job rather than a hobby. You get into this mind set that it is absolutely necessary to maintain everything you’ve accomplished and I guess in a way it is, but it is an unhealthy way of thinking about it and it starts to destroy the entire process for you. I guess what I’m trying to say is to not become reliant on exercise as it can become kind of like a drug and start to affect (effect? Still haven’t figured it out) you negatively in a mental way and I’m sure a physical way as well. I’m not saying don’t do it at all cause it is definitely a benefit and I often wonder what I’d be like today with out it, I’m just saying go into it with an open mind with not too crazy of expectations and grow with your hobby as time moves on. Set realistic goals step by step and work to achieve them at your pace and make sure you don’t get lost in the whole idea of it to the point where it starts to stress you out and take over your mind. Or Maybe I’m just overthinking it!

  30. It seems incorrect to say:

    >Koalas have evolved with smaller brains as their need for movement has decreased


    > From an evolutionary perspective, it is the same as investing in a $4000 laptop for emails and web browsing

    To then immediately argue that:

    > executing such movements (exercise) gets your heart rate up and bolster **your** brain power.

    Wouldn’t this instead imply that if I (and my next 1000 generations) perform high intensity exercise, then maybe my offspring in 10,000 years will have slightly larger brains?


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