Why Do We Cook?

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Your brain is hungry. Here’s how to feed it
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Ever wonder why we cook our food? We do it because it tastes good, of course, and because our customs and traditions are built around it. But we also cook our food for some basic biological reasons, because of evolution. Some scientists think that figuring out how to cook actually MADE us human!

If conversation gets a little dry around your holiday table, now you’ll have some awesome science to share with everyone!

Richard Wrangham – “Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human”

“The Raw and the Stolen” (PDF) – Richard Wrangham et al.
(that one has some of the counterarguments, too)
Greg Laden’s summary:

Cooked Foods Needed for Early Human Brain:

Man Entered the Kitchen 1.9 Million Years Ago:

What made us human: and

The story might not be quite so simple, though:


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Comment (33)

  1. So if the increase in protein from meat was responsible for our increased brain size then why are we the only one's?? Why aren't all the other carnivores evolving the same way? Anyone know? Any evolutionary biologists out there?

  2. I have a theory that cooking came about when meat/food was on a hot ground it cooked the food. And where in the world is the hottest temps all located at? Mainly northern africa

  3. Evolution theroy is a false religion. It is also not scientific and it has zero evidence. The one who with his entire heart seeks God will find him. Something lile that i remember is written it the holy Bible. I whant to help you whovere is reading this. Here is proof that evolution theory is false https://youtu.be/vYLy7CCgqDk


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