Woman revives her ODing boyfriend with Narcan

Woman revives her ODing boyfriend with Narcan

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  1. My first instinct is “fucking junkies”, but then I remember that these are real people struggling with real problems and dealing with them the only way they know how. Drugs. I hope this comes as a wake up call, no pun intended, and they seek the help they so obviously, desperately, need. I hope we can come around as a nation and provide more funding for help. ^^^fat ^^^chance ^^^^sigh

  2. I know life is hard sometimes but unless you want to live a slave to that needle or die a mess stay away. The pleasure it brings is equal to the pain that follows. Visiting Baltimore or DC during the crack epidemic when I was a kid, my parents would always park in the hood and we would walk to the aquarium or the monuments. I volunteered at some homeless shelters too. I saw enough to decide that wasn’t going to be my life if I could help it.

  3. I like when the cop showed up and he was like “hmmm..did you try telling him to wake up?”

    Not like he could have done anything more for the guy but it still made me laugh.

  4. I’m 34 and have never done heroin or anything real hard like that, nor did I spend time in those circles. I’m white, middle-class, and at 18 I kicked down a friend’s door who was blue like this. The EMS arrived and gave her a shot which revived her in front of her mom and older sister (my gf). She ended up moving on from her addiction for a while, having a baby, but died 2 years later mixing drugs. That was at age 20. Just last week my best friend (who also never did any of this stuff nor hangs in these circles), lost his father to the same thing. There is a serious problem in our country right now with this shit, and very little concern seems to be coming from above. Glad he made it, but chances are he won’t.

  5. From what the guy said at the end of the video, this seems to be in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The opioid epidemic is unreal here. For a lot of people this kind of shit is everyday life: OD, die, insert Narcan, and revive. This lady has clearly been in this situation numerous times, as well as the cop and maybe even the bystanders. That’s why they seem so casual. One cop might respond to 3 or 4 overdoses in a single night.

  6. Fuck man… This is heart wrenching to watch. But at the same time it’s incredible to see social boundaries we see on a day to day basis completely dissolve when someone’s life is at stake.

  7. Bet $100 she’s a nurse. Too calm in that situation for someone who hasn’t seen a dying person on the reg. Trained in CPR, good with a needle, didn’t worry about puke, access to drugs and quickly recognizes physical signs of reversal agent working. Prob works in ICU or PACU.

  8. Opiate addiction is extremely misunderstood, even going through this thread I see so many uneducated people. There’s a very good chance that everyone knows somebody or is closely related to a Hardcore opiate addict, functional or otherwise. Keep in mind opiate addicts and drug addicts in general struggle with a lot of issues, mental illness like depression in particular. They use these drugs to self medicate or maybe they suffered a debilitating injury and became addicted and lost their prescription. For anyone suffering from the addiction themselves or is close to people who are, narcan is always a great thing to have on hand, it’s the difference between life and death. Sadly, even after oding a lot of people don’t find the courage or strength to get clean. In most states you can buy narcan without a prescription, I believe. In places you can’t you can go into r/opiates and there’s a lot of good people who actually ship it out purely for harm prevention. I was an opiate addict for 7 years, I’ve had 4 very close friends die from OD within the past two years. It’s a really shitty thing to deal with. Please think of addicts as people not as degenerates, opiates mess with your reward and pain receptors to the point you literally think about everything differently. Your life takes a back seat to getting high. It’s not an easy demon to beat, it’s actually nearly impossible for most people.

  9. I hope people realize that not all addicts look like homeless people.

    Addiction is a hell of a thing. The scariest part of it is how un-scary it seems at first.

    I hope these people get the help they deserve.

  10. Videos in this thread: [Watch Playlist ▶](http://subtletv.com/_r6jq1xl?feature=playlist)

    [Maine State Trooper Helps Save Driver from Heroin Overdose](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veomoaFzroc)|[+136](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/6jq1xl/_/djgcz9n?context=10#djgcz9n) – This one is the best
    [The West Wing Season 1 Episode 13 (Leo explains drug & alcohol addiction)](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll6GxYVJcuo)|[+5](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/6jq1xl/_/djgl0mz?context=10#djgl0mz) – West Wing had a great moment that really showed how an addict feels day in, day out.
    [TISM – The Apology Of The Thai Drug Runner](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ9-Bwr_uLA)|[+2](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/6jq1xl/_/djghzre?context=10#djghzre) – reminds me of an old TISM song
    [Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong Johann Hari](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY9DcIMGxMs)|[+1](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/6jq1xl/_/djgutsi?context=10#djgutsi) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY9DcIMGxMs
    [Airplane- Calm Down, Get ahold of yourself!](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvPugcb7QGE&t=6s)|[+1](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/6jq1xl/_/djgqhc1?context=10#djgqhc1) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvPugcb7QGE&t=6s
    [Teenage Heroin Epidemic](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIbpt1aDFqM)|[+1](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/6jq1xl/_/djgnmn0?context=10#djgnmn0) – This is my city in this video, Swansea. Heroin is anything but awesome, it’s destroying.
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  11. narcan is truly an incredible drug. I’m proud that my state passed standing orders so that anyone can access it. of course, it would be ideal if no one did drugs, but that’s not realistic.

  12. The scariest part about situations like this or when a person has a withdrawal induced grand-mal seizure (due to neglecting seizure medicine during benzodiazepine withdrawal or alcohol withdrawal) is that the incapacitated person DOES NOT REMEMBER what they looked like or the panic that ensued.

    I know people who have come back from an overdose only to take more within the hour. As obvious as it may seem, an often unobserved fact is that they are not mentally present for these horrifying scenarios.

    I give this not as a justification or premise towards any argument but just as an observation.

  13. the guys filming are the true heros here. they could have just let them be…walked away and that dude would be dead today. They stayed and kicked on the door and did whatever to get them going. I hope great things happen to those guys.

  14. Last weekend I was at the local ER (for a family member) and saw 2 ODs in under an hour. One girl was brought in completely non responsive and about an hour later she’s walking out of the ER like nothing’s happened. A nurse had to chase after her to make sure she didn’t have any IVs still in. Heard about yet another OD a couple hours later. I just think of the medical professionals and how it must feel to save someone’s life with what is basically a miracle drug, only to have them walk out and all you can do is wonder if or when your going to see them in the ER again.

    Things are bad here in Ohio and there just isn’t a good solution. Narcan is a miracle but in someways it’s allowing the problem to get even worse. The whole situation just sucks.

  15. ER Nurse that works in a heroin happy neighborhood checking in.

    This girl has clearly done this many many times and/or is in the Healthcare field herself (probably the former). She handled the situation like a pro.

    Narcan (naloxone) is an opioid antagonist, meaning it blocks the opioid from binding the opioid receptors by binding to the receptors. Narcan is extremely effective at doing so, however it has a very short half life. Often, the opioid will outlast the Narcan, meaning multiple doses are required. The primary concern with opioid overdose is decreased respiratory drive. Opioid suppress your respiration and can lead to apnea (not breathing) which can very quickly lead to death. This is why the girl did rescue breathing on the guy.

    When given as an intramuscular shot, Narcan takes around 5 minutes usually. When given IV about 2 minutes. However, I’ve seen it work much much faster than that in most situations. Narcan can also be aerosolized into the nose, but this isn’t always very effective, but is the easiest and safest way to administer. Every single ambulance should have Narcan on it and many police departments allow their officers to carry the nasal version. Medics and ER staff can start and IV and give it IV which is the best way for it to be given and why calling 911 is crucial.

    If you find someone unresponsive, immediately call 911 (or whatever the emergency number in your country is), put the phone on speaker and check if the person is breathing and has a pulse. If no pulse, begin CPR immediately. If you are unsure if you feel a pulse and the patient is unresponsive, begin CPR. The 911 operator/dispatcher will be able to coach you through what you need to do until paramedics arrive. If you do not know the person well, do not perform rescue breathing unless you have a mask and valve. Don’t do mouth to mouth on anyone but a loved one!

    Most importantly, try to remain calm and keep yourself safe. Your safety always comes first. Don’t create a second patient!!

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

  16. Videos like this are so important to humanise people who do drugs. Drug users aren’t all the complete low life inhuman scum that a lot of people view them as, they’re real people with thoughts, feelings and emotions. When you realise that these are people just like you and me you realise how sad it is how shunned they are by society. Drug users need help, not hatred.

  17. Just lost my brother Sunday to an OD after having been clean for 7 months. The reality of this almost seeming “routine” for this couple really hits home..

  18. This is absolutely disgusting. I do not see how people like this live with themselves let alone others. It’s one thing to make choices that only affect you, but once you start uploading vertical videos; it affects all of us.

  19. This girl… she made one really bad decision, but she made a lot of good ones too. Having that on hand, the sternal rubs, CPR, etc. She didn’t even try to deny, hide what she was doing, and she lost all concern for herself, and all while she was nodding.


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