X-Men Animated Apocalypse is the only Apocalypse

X-Men Animated Apocalypse is the only Apocalypse

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  1. God the animation is horrendous. I’ll just listen to this minimized because actually looking at him ruins the experience. Nice blue lipstick bud! Who made that belt, your mother? Gah!

    Fuck he’s got an awesome voice.

  2. Im glad he has ab “A” on his belt, in case im ever like “what is this ancient egyptian mutants name? Bocalypse? Metalacolypse? Wait is that an ‘A’ on his belt? Ohhhhhh thats right, its Apocalypse! Its ‘Apocalypse’ guys, i remembered.”

  3. He was my most favourite villain when I was a kid. He was awesome, not in the cool way but the grandiose in awe kind of way. He was unstoppable like a freight truck crashing through a highway full of cars. I wished they did make him seem unstoppable where only time itself could be used to stop him. But no, he spend most of the movie finding bad guys to be in his club of villains. His character should have been the same as the bad guy in Madison Max, he held everything I saw in apocalypse.

  4. I didn’t know the voice actor died. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even care for the voice. Just like they didn’t care to make him look like the Apocalypse from the animated series.

  5. When I was a kid I used to have dreams of being chased by apocalypse. He was the subconscious representation of my anxiety and fear. His voice, his size, his looks, and his seemingly limitless power made hime my favorite recurring villain. The x-men movie got all of that wrong. To be honest, I can’t even remember how they portrayed him, I just remember hating it.

  6. Comics Apocalypse : The fucking Apocalypse that will fuck you up and can’t really be beat only delayed.

    Movie Apocalypse : A Jaffa from Stargate which can be defeated by the power of friendship.

    Man what a let down.


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